Model BKR Premium Bridge Plug- Wireline -Set/ Drillable

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- Drillable cast iron construction

- Uses ACT, Alpha, Bolt, Elder or Baker K-1 Setting Sleeves

- Wireline set on Baker Type Wireline Pressure Setting Tool

- Hydraulic set on ACT Hydraulic Setting Tool

- Small OD’s for extra clearance in heavy viscous fluids

- One-piece slips set in premium grade casings including P-110

- Rocker action back-up prevent rubber extrusion

- For temporary or permanent service

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The Model BKR Premium Bridge Plug is a high pressure plug constructed of drillable cast-iron that uses ACT, Alpha, Bolt, Elder or

Baker K-1 type setting sleeves, no tension mandrel is required. It can be set on any Baker type wireline pressure setting tool or pipe/

coil tubing with an ACT Hydraulic Setting Tool. When set, opposing slips are located above and below the rubber packing elements.

The packing elements are contained by rocker action back-up rings that eliminate extrusion of the elements at high temperatures and

pressures. A one way ratchet lock ring retains the setting force applied to the opposing slips and rubber to maintain a pressure tight

seal. One-piece slips keep the plug securely set in premium grade casings including P-110. The slip wickers are sharp and

hardened to the wicker depth only allowing the slip to grip the casing wall while maintaining a soft cast-iron inside for easier drilling.

This plug is ideal for zone isolation where squeeze cementing, fracturing or plug abandonment operations are being performed.

Optional packing systems of Viton or Aflas are available on special order. This plug will not vent gas pressure prior to plug moving

unless provisions are made. Special application tools can be custom designed to fit your specific needs.