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ACT Circulating Head basically consists of

1. Tee (having swivels at two ends & female line pipe connection at the upper end)

2. 450 angle connection with male line pipe thread for Circulating Hose at one end & Swivel for Tee on the other

3. Lower adapter connection having one end is suitable for Connecting Tubing, Casing, Drill Pipe ,or Tool Joints and other end is Swivel for Tee.

At 6,000 PSI test pressure rotating in both vertical & horizontal planes is possible through the provision of Swivel in Tee and this head is supplied with an opening (female line pipe thread) in the top through which wire line instruments may be run. .It is compact & light in weight and thus an ideal standby tool.  Circulating Head with other types of connections and other pressure ratings can also be supplied as per customer’s request, either with this type of design or with any other type of design.